Apple has introduced three new iPhones in this 2019 which is of 11 series with many changes. The company has launched the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with major changes in the camera. While the iPhone 11 has a dual rear camera setup, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have three rear cameras.In the iPhone 11 series, the company has focused more on cameras and gaming. Apart from this, all new iPhones are water and dust proof. For this, they have been rated IP68. At the same time, dual SIM support will be available in all three phones, although two SIMs will have a SIM e-SIM which will operate through software. We have used the iPhone 11 for two months for review, so let us know in the review how Apple iPhone 11.

IPhone Price and Specification

The starting price of this phone is 64,900 rupees. This price is of 64 GB storage variant. At the same time, the price of 256 GB storage variant of iPhone is Rs 69,900 and 512 GB storage variant is priced at Rs 79,900. Talking about the specification, the iPhone 11 will get a 6.1-inch LCD i.e. liquid retina display.

Apart from this, Apple's A13 bionic processor will be found in the phone, with which the company has claimed the world's fastest CPU and GPU. The phone has been introduced with iOS 13. The iPhone 11 has an IP 68 rating, meaning this phone can stay up to 2 meters deep in water for 30 minutes, although Apple does not give its warranty. Please tell that iPhone xr was rated IP67. In iPhone 11 you get support of Bluetooth 5.0. Apart from this, Dolby Atmos is also supported in the phone.

IPhone 11 camera specification

As far as the phone's camera is concerned, there will be a dual rear camera setup in which a camera is 12 megapixel wide angle with an aperture f / 1.8. The second camera is a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle with an aperture f / 2.4. At the same time, the front camera has been given 12 megapixels.

4K and slow motion video recording options will be available with both cameras. The slow motion feature given with the front camera has been named by the company as Slofy Slofie. Wide angle will be available with the front camera as well and portrait mode will also work in group selfies.

Regarding its battery, the company has claimed an hour more than the battery backup of the iPhone XR. The company has also changed the camera interface in the new iPhone. Video recording is excellent and you also get anti flicker. You also get stabilization in video recording.

The slow motion of the iPhone 11 is better than any other flagship smartphone. With the iPhone 11, you will not get any kind of recording in the video recording. Inbuilt video editor is available in iPhone 11, with the help of which you can edit videos with some effects and cut.

Design and display of iphone 11

The design of the iPhone 11 series has not changed much except the design of the camera. Till the iPhone X, the iPhone used to get flash light from top to bottom along with the lens, but this time the flash light has got right side. There is no change in the display regarding the notch.

All the mobile manufacturer companies have almost eliminated Notch from their phones, but this is not the case with Apple. In the display of the iPhone 11, you will find the same design as the iPhone X. Silent button is given on the left side of the phone and the power and volume buttons have been replaced on the right side.

Just below the iPhone 11 is the charging port on the right and the speaker grill on its right and the microphone on the left. Apart from this, a speaker and microphone is found next to the camera in the notch of the phone's display. Touch ID is not available in the phone. In this case, you can unlock the phone with the help of Face ID by tapping on the screen or pressing the power button.

You are not going to get any kind of complaint about the build quality of the iPhone 11. Its body is made of aluminum and glass. Let me tell you that the strongest glass has been used in the iPhone 11 which is on both the front and back. The iPhone 11 will be available in Gineen, Yellow, Black, White and Red color variants. The weight of the phone will be called more, as it weighs 194 grams.

Overall performance of iphone 11

Like every time, the display of iPhone 11 is also amazing. The viewing angle of the display is good. On YouTube, you can watch videos up to 1080 pixels, while 4K TV is also supported on Apple TV. The touch of the display is excellent and there is no problem in moving from one app to another. There is no problem with iOS 13.

Apple has not revived this time with the battery. The company has given fast charging with iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro, but with iPhone 11 you do not get support for fast charging. The phone does not heat up during charging but the charger is slightly warm.

The battery of iPhone 11 takes more than 3 hours to be fully charged, which is quite high in view of today's flagship smartphone market, because now the charging of 15 thousand rupees is also supported by fast charging. With this phone you get a 5 watt charger. You get a full day of battery backup even if used well. In this case, Apple should think about this. The audio level of the phone is superb. 

In such a situation, you play a game or watch a video, you are going to have a lot of fun. Talking about Face ID, Face ID works well in daylight or in sufficient light, but at night and under low light, Face ID does not work. In such a situation, we can say that the Face ID of the iPhone 11 is slower than the iPhone XR.

The gaming experience on the iPhone 11 was fantastic. This phone also has some drawbacks like you cannot close many apps simultaneously. Apart from this, the back button is also not available in this phone. Although the backbutton is not available in any iPhone, but after increasing the display size of the phone, the company should think about it.

Overall, the iPhone 11 is an iPhone XR with a better camera. If you want to spend money for the camera, you can buy the iPhone 11, otherwise the iPhone XR is better at a lower price.