An oxidation pond is an artificial pound of shallow depth formed for the retention of sewage for sufficient time.
 These pounds may be used to treat raw sewage or partially treated sewage.

OXIDATION POUNDS | by good newz

These are constructed in a rectangular form with a depth of about 900 to 1500mm. The shallow 
depth permits sunlight into the sewage which encourages the growth of algae. The pound is having
 several compartments of suitable sizes and allows the sewage to flow in a zig-zag manner through
 these compartments. The area required is about 250 to 1000 persons per hectare.
 The loading will be expressed in B.O.D which varies from 150 to 300 kg per hectare per day.


These pounds will purify the sewage by the dual action of aerobic bacteria and algae.
 The sewage is allowed to enter the pound through the inlet chamber at one corner.
 The sewage flows in a zig-zag manner until the pound is filled up to the maximum level. 
The sewage is stored in this pound for a considerable time. The detention period varies from 7 to 14
 days. During this period, the sewage is decomposed by the action of aerobic bacteria, and
 the carbon dioxide produced during decomposition is broken up by algae by the process of
 photosynthesis into carbon and oxygen. The carbon is used for the production of more
 carbohydrates and the released oxygen keeps the dissolved oxygen content water at a high level.

Oxidation ponds can treat the sewage effectively and B.O.D. removal is up to 90% and coliform
 removal is up to 99%

The organic solids during the detention period will either oxidize or will settle down. The settled 
sludge is removed once in 6 years and the effluent will be taken out through outlet chamber to 
a common slump well


1} Actions involved in the operation of oxidation pounds are natural one results in cost reduction.
2}Simple and easy maintenance
3}Effictive and removal ofB.O.D. and chloroforms
4}stabilition of bounds gives rise to a good source of protein


1}May give out objectionable odors and cause a nuisance.
2}Should be constructed away from the city.
3}sometimes becomes septic due to overloading to avoid this sometimes sodium nitrate may be added to pounds.


1}Suitable for small towns
2}Suitable for dry and warm temperature regions.