The net increase of carbon dioxide compounds in the atmosphere leads to a greenhouse
 effect which further causes gradual heating of earth called global warming

The primary sources of carbon dioxide are the consumption of fossil fuels. The secondary 
source is the oxidation of carbon compounds in the marshes and forests by natural 
degradation. The cement manufacturing will also contribute to an increase in carbon
 dioxide in the atmosphere.

GLOBAL WARMING | by goodnewz
The major sinks of carbon dioxide are plants and oceans, but the production of carbon
 dioxide is faster than sinks can absorb it. Therefore, the level of co2 is increasing in the
 atmosphere. This increase of co2 in the atmosphere has affluence of climate through what
 is called the greenhouse effect. The layer of co2 acts like a glass in a greenhouse because
, it allows the sun rays to pass through it and heats up the earth, but it does not allow the
 heat radiations being re-emitted by the earth. That is co2 layer is transparent to short wave
 radiation from the sun but it absorbs the longer wave radiations from the earth

The net result of all these is to a gradual increase in heating of earth which is called as 
global warming



  1. Increase in the earth's temperature by  4 to 6 degrees.
  2. If the earth continues to warm up all the glaciers will reduce and the ice caps in
     Antarctica and artic will begin to melt, consequently, the sea level increases and 
    most of the cities on the seashore are well submerged.
  3. Global warming reduces the natural phenomenon of the structure.
  4. The global warming disturb the normal life on the earth
  5. An abrupt change in climate 


1.  Development of community-based factories.
2.  Reduction of deforestation and an increase in the forest.
3.  Strict laws against the usage of fossil fuels.
4.   Restrictions on automobiles and industries.